Construction Sets

One-story homes start at $950.00 (see the estimate table below). This is dependent on design time allotment. If a homeowner is very sure about their layout, drawings are fast and design discounts applied. Often, very simple roof lines may run a little less.

Estimated Drafting/House Plan Design Fees

Deposit 30% of estimated total

Basic garage/shop open floor plan:


Single Story Home with standard roof design


Two Story Home with standard roof design



Staircase accessible garage loft:

add $175.00

Complex* roof design

add $75.00

Site Plan (from existing survey):


Interior design for 3D renderings (hourly)


These are estimates to help you plan your budget only.

If your design preferences continue to change throughout the process, additional charges may be added. If our design team specifies "ease of design with few changes" then discounts may apply.

A complex roof is comprised of several varying pitches, fascia height differences, or soffit depths, to achieve a specific design. Our design team will initially try to achieve the look and style that you prefer as a standard roof design.

Most of our projects last two to four weeks, and a deposit is required to begin the process. (approximately 30% of the estimated total). Full payment is due upon completion.

We try to make the process simple and friendly, so there is no contract or pay schedule. However, if a lengthy delay occurs, because of homeowners' schedule, suspension of the project may become necessary and pro-rated payment will be requested.

Construction Sets

To get started, We would need an inspiration floor plan layout and inspiration exterior images to understand your preferences for your home.

Our plan sets include:

  1. Dimensioned floor plan, showing all plumbing fixtures, cabinets, walls, etc.
  2. Schedules generated for doors, windows, cabinetry, electrical and individual room dimensions and area (for flooring and paint).
  3. Dimensioned elevations for all sides of the house
  4. Electrical plan showing location of fixtures/switches/outlets/connections
  5. Roof plan
  6. Text information to determine concrete needs, square footage of all interior and exterior spaces. Information on exterior materials, roof materials and HVAC and Hot Water Heater locations. (Final determination on location would be decided by your HVAC Contractor) Anything that is a unique situation for your home can be included in text as well.
  7. Foundation planning layout footprint for foundation engineering
Sometimes after a plan set is completed there are minor changes that arise when a contractor recommends something different than what the plans show. This often happens on the construction site, and if written changes are needed. We offer an hour of revision time at no cost to you. Should there be major changes, that should be reflected on the plans, we provide revisions on a rate of $50.00/hr. Many projects have a minor change that we need to reflect, with no cost.

Occasionally major changes are needed. These might include houses with a complex roof design, and major wings were added to the house or removed from an already intricate design.

Your foundation contractor will provide engineering for your foundation.
  • This is based on the floor plan in your plan set and the foundation planning layout. Footer depths and materials are determined by the soil conditions of your land.
Your electrician will determine electrical loads and circuit breakers.
  • Information they need will be on the electrical plan, as well as a location of the Electrical Panel which will be determined by the electrical contractor.
The plan set provided is all you will need for framers, carpenters and all contractors. Only your engineered foundation plan will be needed to complete your set for your lender.

During construction, there may be inspections needed by the city, county or HOA, and some of the information possibly needed could include the actual materials, colors or styles that you will have in your home. We can navigate the documents for compliance to meet those requirements.

Our set includes construction information. Any design choices can be handled by using a Houzz account, Pinterest boards, or a notebook with pictures of all your finish choices.

Site Plans

If a site plan is needed, we can provide this by locating the house, for positioning on your lot. This is usually only needed for multiple buildings on a smaller lot or city requirements to ensure that easements are met. Site plans will run $80 - $150 depending on codes and complexity.

Printed sets can be provided, and we usually use Daniel Printing Solutions on Franklin Avenue in Waco. It is often easiest for the homeowner to pick these up at their convenience, or if necessary, we can deliver or mail them.

Interior Design, High Resolution Imaging

I have the ability to provide:

  • Photo quality interior and exterior pictures of the final design
  • Added exterior landscaping: trees, bushes, sidewalks, driveways, etc.
  • Interior and exterior furniture: beds, living and dining room, lights, interior painted walls, etc.
  • Custom designed cabinets
These services are not included in the construction set but are available at additional cost. Cost will vary depending on your desired options.

Printed Construction Sets

We now have the capability to provide printed "D" size (24 x 36) black and white prints. Our new high resolution printer offers crisp, easy to read, construction prints for your contractor, or to send off for bidding purposes. Printing runs $3.50/sheet with free shipping if ordered at time of job completion. Free shipping also applies to any print order over $50.00