Lone Star Designs & Printing's Home Designs Division has been an integral part of our business growth. The evolving House Plan software programs have improved significantly over the last few years and we are keeping up with these new trends to efficiently handle your dream home design.

One of the most advanced programs we use is Chief Architect. Along with occasional AutoCAD and Adobe Illustrator, we are able to design homes with utmost precision. From slab or pier and beam foundations, to varying roof pitches and styles, we will design to fit your style. Once a basic floor plan is established to your liking, we can generate 3 dimensional views of any angle of the exterior and/or interior of the home.

Magazine plans usually give you a front shot and a general floor plan with crude dimensions, but we offer full and detailed layouts, so you are able to make finishing adjustments to suit your family. We can also supply you with a dollhouse view to give you a walk-through perspective.

Your final construction drawings are all you need for your contractors, your lender and you own design planning.